Mass Transit, Transportation, and Infrastructure
August 24, 2017
Safety Net
Homelessness and Our Safety Net
August 24, 2017

Strengthening Our Schools, and Equal Rights

As Mayor, Richard will work to provide a first-rate public school education for every child, with a diploma and opportunities.
  • Expand the STEM K-12 curriculum, including computer coding and digital literacy.
  • Require on-grade level reading and math to graduate elementary school, with tutoring by students and volunteers to enable mastery.
  • Ensure access to laptops or tablets, and the training to use them productively.
  • Expand after-school programs, and provide free online resources, for music, arts, athletics, life skills, financial literacy, and civic engagement.
  • Create robust free online tutorials from our best teachers for our basic school curriculum and for Regents, SHSAT, and other standardized tests, so that all students have access.
  • Increase pay for teachers who transfer to new model schools or to help rescue struggling schools, to begin to end the “separate and unequal” schooling forbidden by Brown v. Board of Education over 60 years ago.
  • Shift the admissions process to a blind ranking system, so that students’ preferences are not known to the schools and they have better options.
  • Provide strong oversight for charter schools, and equitable treatment for public schools when the law requires co-location with charter schools.