Strengthening Our Schools, and Equal Rights
August 24, 2017
Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing, Senior Housing, and Housing for People With Disabilities
August 24, 2017
Safety Net

Homelessness and Our Safety Net

As Mayor, Richard will lead a compassionate city that supports and assists those in need.
  • Reverse the Mayor’s unbounded support of real estate development, which has displaced families and fueled the homeless crisis – over 60,000 homeless, including 33,000 children last year who lacked the stable housing required to stay on track.
  • Declare a state of emergency to reduce the unsheltered homeless population, which ballooned by 40% over the past year (from 2,794 to 3,892).
  • Create safe homeless housing units offered on a “housing first” basis, with supportive services, to get individuals off the streets and get them help.
  • Develop programs for “Rainy Day Fund” savings, subsidies, transition and other assistance to help vulnerable people avoid homelessness.
  • Expand access to health care, including mental health diagnosis and treatment, and encourage earlier intervention by professionals and caretakers.
  • Monitor abused children and their families remotely by regular video conference check-ins, and follow up to ensure a healthy environment.
  • Expand worker protections, safety standards, and training programs.
  • Promote economic growth and support small businesses to create more jobs.