Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing, Senior Housing, and Housing for People With Disabilities
August 24, 2017
Clean Government
Clean, Scandal Free Government
August 24, 2017
Preservation and Zoning

Land-Use, Preservation and Zoning

As Mayor, Richard will support neighborhood preservation, parks, and contextual buildings; and challenge out-of-scale development.
  • Base decisions about land-use, preservation and zoning upon what is best for the neighborhood, not upon political contributions and lobbying.
  • Appoint qualified preservationists, zoning experts, and planners, free of corrupting lobbyist influences, to the Landmarks commission, the Board of Standards and Appeals, and the Department of City Planning.
  • Protect residents, landmarks, historic districts, parks, libraries, hospitals, views, light, and air, especially against overdevelopment and the privatization of public assets.
  • Expand environmental assessment review and scoping requirements, especially for taller buildings; include bulkheads, voids, and secondary displacement effects.
  • Sanction developers, architects, and lawyers, who break zoning or construction rules.
  • Change zoning rules to ensure that buildings are built contextually, and to a human scale, with active street uses that contribute to a lively city.
  • Promote responsible development by requiring early electronic distribution of full documentation, and facilitating neighborhood input and debate.