Clean Government
Clean, Scandal Free Government
August 24, 2017

Effective, Open, Responsive Government

As Mayor, Richard will champion a more inclusive and accountable city administration.
  • Hire pragmatic, effective world-class managers, who openly work through solutions to our biggest challenges transparently and inclusively.
  • Use cost/benefit analysis to spend our $85 billion budget more wisely.  We should have seen more benefit from the Mayor’s 20% budget increase from $70 billion.
  • Shine a light on all government spending and take action to reduce waste.
  • Reduce funds to not-for-profits that use NYC funding for excessive executive pay.
  • Begin citywide local participatory budgeting, with public input for spending.
  • Stream and archive City Council, City Planning, and community board meetings.
  • Fight for campaign finance reform to lower contributions and matching thresholds.
  • Build consensus for approval for NYC to use design/build contracting, value engineering, and updated technology to reduce construction costs.
  • Fight for fair NYS funding for unfunded mandates for schools and homelessness.
  • Fight for home rule, so that NYC can determine its own future better.
  • Support the NYS constitutional convention on the ballot this year to achieve these and other goals, by jumping over Albany’s roadblocks to change.